The Wall of Fame is a tribute to all of our employees
who have been with us for more than 15 years.


Current Employees
  Jeff Hawksworth Willie Quinn
Jeff Hawksworth
Started in 1991

Jeff is a reliable and hard working.  "Work hard, play hard" is his motto.  He is an avid motorcycle enthusiast, takes great pride in his manicuring his backyard, and his an adventurous chef.

Willie Quinn
Started in 1995

Willie is a very reliable and extremely devoted to his work. He has been quoted "Robtrans is my retirement job." He enjoys being sociable, riding his motorcycle, and NASCAR.  He is also expecting his first grandchild in late August.

Past Employees
Jim Elliott Don Cadeau Ken Sedore

Jim Elliott

"ET" started driving long distance, then became the "city guy".  For about 8 years before retiring, he was the "shop guy" too, fixing trucks and trailers.

Don Cadeau

Don drove long distance. He enjoys fishing, snowmobiling, and quite often visits on his motorcycle.


George Cormier

"Booter" as he was commonly known as, did local driving.  Growing up in Toronto, he knew "the city" like the back of his hand.


Ken Sedore (24 years)

Started in 1985 driving for Ross Leonard Trucking.  Ken lives in Huntsville and drives a dump truck to stay close to home.