This was taken by Trace coming back from Waterloo, Ontario on Wednesday February 1.

This was taken by Jeff in northern Ontario on Tuesday January 31.

We’re Pullin’ For You

The Robtrans annual family clean-up day was held Sat May 7th. Fun was had by all, and the grass got cut too! BreAnn and Parnell led the way in the waste removal department, while Janine did an excellent job raking the sand and stones back onto the driveway that was left on the lawn from the snow plough. Camden and Trace did a quick oil change on the lawn mower, and cut the grass. Cam, in his familiar role as co-pilot, really knows how to navigate the landscape to ensure the grass gets cut evenly and efficiently. After a hard mornings work, the workers requested lunch at The 400 Market. Two jumbo french fries were ordered, and there was not a lick to spare after the dust had settled. A special Thank-You to BreAnn, Parnell, Camden, Janine, and Trace for a job well done.

Robtrans Systems We’re Pullin’ For You!

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Our Location

We are located in Innisfil, which is north of Toronto on the way to cottage country.

Our yard is in an Industrial Park right off the 400 Highway. It is gated with lots of security. Cameras, motion, and a security guard, which services the industrial park.

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