There is something to be said about working from home. I used to commute 40 mins each way every day, and at the time, it wasn't too bad.  I used to listen to a lot of music and do a lot of thinking.  Cell phones at the time weren't feasable to be talking on them all the time like they are now.

Now that I live 6 minutes away from work (15 mins by bicycle, 35 mins jogging), I feel more rejuvenated, and less stressed to play with the kids after work.  I can usually eat breakfast with them as well and still make it to work by 8.

Although I do miss listening to all the music on the radio, I get to listen to more laughter and cheers from my wife and kids, which is music to my ears.

I know not everyone has the option of working close to home, and I'm thankful everyday that I do.

Last weekend, May 14th, the Wyevale Tribe hosted it’s annual Golf Tournament at Springwater Golf Course. It was a very cold, wet, and rainy day, and it definitely effected Team Robtrans’ game. The only thing that was dry on this day, was Tim McKee’s sense of humour. Team Robtrans consisted of Tim McKee, Andrew Maconachie, Ross Leonard, and Trace Leonard. Highlights of the day include Andrew marking his name down on the card for the longest drive competition, Ross’ 25 foot birdie putt, Trace’s 15 foot birdie putt, Ross’ many second shot off the fairway using his 1 wood, and Andrew landing 20 feet away and rolling to 10 feet from the hole on the “Hole in One” contest for a brand new SeaDoo. A special thanks to the Tribe and Springwater Golf Course who hosted, yet again, a fantastic event despite the weather.

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We are located in Innisfil, which is north of Toronto on the way to cottage country.

Our yard is in an Industrial Park right off the 400 Highway. It is gated with lots of security. Cameras, motion, and a security guard, which services the industrial park.

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