There is something to be said about working from home. I used to commute 40 mins each way every day, and at the time, it wasn't too bad.  I used to listen to a lot of music and do a lot of thinking.  Cell phones at the time weren't feasable to be talking on them all the time like they are now.

Now that I live 6 minutes away from work (15 mins by bicycle, 35 mins jogging), I feel more rejuvenated, and less stressed to play with the kids after work.  I can usually eat breakfast with them as well and still make it to work by 8.

Although I do miss listening to all the music on the radio, I get to listen to more laughter and cheers from my wife and kids, which is music to my ears.

I know not everyone has the option of working close to home, and I'm thankful everyday that I do.

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